ENT III Flagship Call 2015 "Sustainable Logistics and Sup...

General definitions

for cooperation activity ENT III Flagship Call 2015 "Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains"
FSC2015 Logistics
April 2015
September 2015
Walter Wasner
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Transnationally coordinated call

Objectives, orientation and policies

This call responds to the need for transnationally coordinated Research, Innovation and Technology (RTI) towards an overarching view on logistics and supply chain planning and control, which involves all stakeholders (manufacturing, retail, logistic service providers, infrastructure and governments). Innovation in logistics and related supply chain concepts has to be fostered in order to enable the growth of the European economy through competitive and sustainable logistics. For that reason, a strategic vision and multidimensional approach for the logistics sector with respect to innovation, research, development, deployment and implementation is needed.
The call aims at proposals that deliver operational strategies, applicable results and/or deployable products/services for improving effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of logistics in Europe. Research in this field will now be addressed in a coordinated way in the “Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains” call. 12 European countries and regions are providing national/regional (n/r) research funds totalling about 10 Mio. € for coordinated funding of RTI projects.

Please refer to http://transport-era.net for further information!
Basic (Fundamental) research
Applied Research
Implementation/Market Take-up
Knowledge (e.g. for Transport Policies)
Organisational Innovations (Processes)
Technological innovations
Social Innovation (social practices)
Level 1 to 2 - Basic technology research
Level 2 to 3 - Research to prove feasibility
Level 3 to 5 - Technology development
Level 5 to 6 - Technology demonstration

Thematic priorities

Rail transport
Road transport
Urban transport
Water transport (sea & inland)
Multimodal transport
There is no information available.
Freight Transport
Intelligent transport systems
Innovative technologies
Transport management
Infrastructure provision
Integration, interoperability and intermodality
Pricing and taxation
Transport and infrastructure management
Vehicle technology
New organisational models
Innovative processes and procedures
Financing, pricing and taxation
Regulation, competition and public services
Infrastructure and TEN-T
Climate policy and energy efficiency
Security and Safety
International cooperation & EU Neighbourhood Policy
Assessment & decision support methodologies
Environmental impacts
Economic and regional impacts

Legal framework and budgets

Austria 1,5 Mio. €
Netherlands 1 Mio. €
Belgium 1 Mio. €
Turkey 1 Mio. €
Bouvet Island 1 Mio. €
Sweden 1 Mio. €
Belarus 0,4 Mio. €
Spain 1,5 Mio. €
France 1 Mio. €
Poland 0,4 Mio. €
Virtual common pot
Call with fixed deadlines

Funding procedures and conditions

Kick-off Events
Non-academic Research institutes
Public agencies
No requirement
min. 3 partners from different countries/regions, max. 70% of project costs in one country/region
There is no information available.
English Language
Fundamental Research
Industrial research
Experimental development
There are currently no entries.
According to national/regional funding program specifications
Fundamental Research Industrial research Experimental development
Academia - to - - to - - to -
Non-academic - to - - to - - to -
Research institutes - to - - to - - to -
Companies/Industry - to - - to - - to -
Public agencies - to - - to - - to -
NGOs - to - - to - - to -
Private persons - to - - to - - to -
According to national/regional funding program specifications
Independent external experts
Scientific and Technical Quality
Relevance for the programme goals
Economic potential and exploitation
Participation dissemination events
Publication requirements