Since 2004 a comprehensive and powerful network of national ministries and supporting organisations in the field of transport research has been building up Era-net Transport (ENT).The ENT network consist of 24 partners from 19 countries and regions, representing Europe’s most relevant national transport research and innovation programmes.
ENT pre-dominantly supports to the owners and managing agencies of transport research programmes by facilitating their cooperation and a better alignment of their national/regional funding programmes in order to reduce fragmentation of the European Research Area (ERA) for Transport.

Tasks of ERA-Net Transport

ENT has initiated and implemented several activities and is currently defining further, even more advanced measures to improve the outcome and quality of transport research in Europe.

The ongoing of ENT advances the results of experiences and previous achievements as well as lessons learned of the related ERA-NET Plus Electromobility+. 

Successful cooperation requires a solid and suitable basis and framework, which will be the subject of coming ENT-driven activities. One of these horizontal future initiatives will be the provision of a database on national transport research programmes and national R&D results. Furthermore ENT intends to encourage and enable less-experienced partners to participate in trans-national cooperation as well as in the European Framework Programme. ENT facilitates this target by supporting these partners in their development of appropriate structures, processes and transport research programmes.

Main objectives are:

- Prepare and launch annual flagship initiatives and small- and medium-sized transnational research and innovation funding initiatives
- Expand opportunities for transnational cooperation
- Enhance and align the implementation of transnational cooperation
- Explore and deploy new ways, structures and settings for transnational cooperation and funding, e.g. through deployment of Structural and Cohesion funds
- Increase the visibility of national research and innovation funding activities, their results and achievements

To get in contact or learn more about our agitations and events go to http://transport-era.net.

Cooperation Activities, Programmes and Activities at a glance…. ENT-platform

In order to avoid isolated applications it is not sufficient to ensure interoperability on a mere technological level. National funding architectures have experienced an increase in complexity and a growing number of partners, resulting in a segmented and poorly structured funding landscape. To increase and ease up cooperation between regional and national programme owners (PO) and programme managers (PM) the web-based ENT-platform aims to collect calls and funding schemes, enabling the respective authorities to recognise possible common aspects and join their activities together. In this way cooperation across regions and nations can be encouraged at a very early stage, turning redundancy to synergy.

The ENT-platform provides comprehensive and accurate information, based on the following objectives:

- Stimulate interaction and cooperation for joint activities of PO/PMs
- Enable easy understanding of different governance systems for PO/PMs
- Support PO/PM in preparation and execution of transnational funding activities
- Allow mutual learning and community-building for PO/PMs


Moreover the ENT-platform aims to improve the transparency and the transnational coherence on national funding architectures for the research community by a novel data-base.

The ENT-platform focuses clearly on funding schemes and related activities and will not integrate research projects or projects results.

On top of PO and PM the community of researchers is part of our target group. The researchers can use the ENT-platform to gain information about funding programmes, to compare the different funding activities or to visualize the European funding network.  

The ENT-platform ensures highest usability by

- Easy-to-use interfaces for users
- Enable intuitive browsing and searching
- Allow filtering and setting up (personalised) queries
- Enable comparisons and identify windows of opportunity
- Guide through a cooperation activity process
- Present results highly-informative and easy understandable

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