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Infoday and Brokerage event

On 1st April 2015 Era-net Transport (ENT) has launched its second Flagship Call “Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains”The infoday will take place in Brussels on 13th May. It will be an opportunity to learn more about call details and to brainstorm about future projects initiating consortia building through the brokerage event that will follow the morning session.Further information about the agenda and brokerage event can be found on the event page.The call page can be found here.See you in Brussels!

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Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains Call

ERA-Net Transport III launches its 2nd Flagship Call. This call is about Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains.Dates and deadlinesThe call is open from 1st of April 2015 to 2nd of October 2015 (17:00 CET).For more information, please click here.ENT-Platform available for ApplicantsThe web-based ENT-platform will increase and ease up cooperation by providing comprehensive and accurate information on calls and funding schemes. In addition it gives researchers and industrial partners the opportunity to gain in-depth information about the constituting national/regional program architectures of cooperation actions like the Flagship Calls and provides a toolkit to compare and analyse them as a whole.

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Latest Programmes

Development of scientific principles of engineering system mechanics, methods and means of their diagnosis, creation and improvement of technologic...

Research and development of methods, mathematical and physical models, establishing new patterns of the functioning and management for machines, structures, mechanical, hydraulic and gas systems; development of the theory of management of performance characteristics, methodology of optimization of the parameters of mobile machines and engineering their components; development of methodologies and the creation of new methods of calculation of multi-resource mechanical systems and the development of methodological guidelines on monitoring of reliability, security and competitiveness of machines and systems

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1509 - TÜBİTAK International Industrial R&D Projects Grant Programme The objective of the program is to create market focused R&D Projects between European countries and to increase cooperation between Europe wide firms, universities and research institutions, by using cooperation webs such as EUREKA.

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Technological innovation hubs - ERANET Transnational Cores

Technically and financially feasible R&D projects in the “Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains” domain with an impact increase in the R&D company activities.

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Knowledge and Innovation Top Consortium Logistics

The objective of ‘TKI Logistiek’ is the structural realization of the private-public collaboration in the area of research in the top sector logistics. This includes both innovation through fundamental and applied research as well as the valorization and dissemination of knowledge, experience and results. ‘TKI Logistiek’ participants are companies and knowledge institutes including NWO, TNO, universities and Dinalog.

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Latest Cooperation Activities

ENT III Flagship Call 2015 "Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains"

This call responds to the need for transnationally coordinated Research, Innovation and Technology (RTI) towards an overarching view on logistics and supply chain planning and control, which involves all stakeholders (manufacturing, retail, logistic service providers, infrastructure and governments). Innovation in logistics and related supply chain concepts has to be fostered in order to enable the growth of the European economy through competitive and sustainable logistics. For that reason, a strategic vision and multidimensional approach for the logistics sector with respect to innovation, research, development, deployment and implementation is needed.

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